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HIPAA Compliant AI engine for hospitals, diagnostic labs, clinics and other healthcare companies to grow appointment bookings, provide quick support to patients, enhance productivity of customer care team and increase conversion rate on campaigns.

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WhatsApp, Instagram, Website, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, iMessage, Viber, Telegram, SMS

End-to-End Patient Journey

Diagnosis AI

Powered by medical natural language processing, our AI system is trained to diagnose your patients symptoms and recommend specialisation

Watch how it works

“This module was designed after collecting tons of data and working closely with a team of healthcare experts”

Kush Aggarwal

Appointment Booking

Voiceoc AI engine enables your patients to book appointments (OPD, Lab Tests etc.) and make a payment in a maximum of 20 sec.

Watch how OPD Booking works

Watch how Lab Test Booking works

“Voiceoc AI system helped us in a steady increase in new OPD bookings month on month”

Sumith Kumar
Marketing Manager at Aster Healthcare, Oman

Appointment Reminder

Voiceoc AI engine enables you to increase your patient footfall rate by sending regular appointment reminders.

“WhatsApp has an open rate of 98% which is very high in comparison to other channels thus helping healthcare companies to strengthen their engagement with the patients”

Kush Aggarwal

Avail New & Historical Reports & Invoices

Enable your patients to pull out latest & historical reports/invoices of you and all your family members registered with your account in the most secured manner.

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“Our system is end to end integrated with HIS/LIS to pull lab reports & invoices after proper validation in order to maintain privacy

Samarth Bhalwar

Avail Support

Our platform enables agents to take control of the chat conversation from AI as and when required and ensure patient experience is maximised

Watch How It Works

“Our unique queue mapping algorithm has helped our client significantly reduce patient drop off rate even when agents are busy”

Kush Aggarwal

Post Treatment Engagement

Engage & Monitor your patients health post treatment / visit and keep them engaged by

  • taking regular feedbacks
  • collecting patient-reported outcomes
  • sending follow up appointment reminders
  • sharing medical documents
  • sending ongoing campaign details

and a lot more.

Exclusively Designed For
Healthcare Industry

Our powerful AI engine is feeded with more than 1 Million patient conversation data monthly thereby helping you achieve higher conversions in terms of appointment booking & deliver human-like experience to patients.

Why Voiceoc?

1 Million +

Monthly Patient

100,000 +

Monthly Patients
Engaging On The System


Avg. Worth Appointment
Bookings Per Client


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Satisfaction Score


Patient Queries
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In The News

Why Voiceoc Made It To The List

The pandemic has dramatically changed how we interact with digital businesses, especially via chatbots. But until now, the healthcare industry has not fully leveraged the benefits of conversational AI to deal with operational bottlenecks and enhance process co-ordination.

The New Delhi-based startup offers AI-powered voice and text assistance to help healthcare companies automate the entire patient journey.

Voiceoc: Smartest Conversational AI For Hospitals To Engage With Patients On WhatsApp

Delhi-based AI startup, Voiceoc empowers globally acclaimed hospitals and labs worldwide with the smartest conversational AI solutions. From booking appointments through Whatsapp to getting the latest reports online, the Voiceoc AI is focused on helping labs and hospitals automate globally in the most hassle-free way

Leveraging AI In Healthcare Sector

Implementing AI can be very beneficial for hospitals and patients in terms of productivity and efficiency, increasing test booking and appointment rates, less interaction with the customer support team, and much more. This could bring 24/7 genuine leads and automates the follow-ups along with payment assistance but what can be phenomenal is the 24/7 conversation

Voiceoc: Smartest Conversational AI For Hospitals & Labs To Engage With Their Patients On WhatsApp

Over the years, Voiceoc AI has become a trusted choice of leading healthcare companies worldwide. It has been successful in handling 1 million+ patient conversations, helping hospitals and labs generate 19 lakh+ monthly bookings, reducing the patient wait time to 4 seconds, and also achieving a patientsatisfaction score of 91.37% with its lasersharp accuracy.

Extra Value-Added Features

Communicate by sending ‘voice messages’

To provide more convenience to the patients, our Voice AI engine enables your patients to share voice messages instead of typing the message and also, listen to the incoming messages.

Track your patients’ emotions

Our AI Sentiment analysis engine is capable of tracking emotions of your patients, identifying unhappy patients and helping you convert those unhappy patients into happy patients in real time.

Enhance productivity of your customer care agents

Our AI Agent assist module understands patients’ expectations and seamlessly transfers chat to your customer agent as and when required. Our proprietary mapping algorithm maps the patient with the right agent in the least possible time and the module is loaded with features to help agents track their productivity and provide quick support to the patients.

Language Capability

Our AI engine has the capability to understand & respond in any language. All the responses are highly personalised and the AI engine responds in a way that your patients find it very friendly.

Leverage your patient’s conversation data to take impactful decisions for your organisation

Get deeper insights on how your patients are engaging with your organisation and what actions can be taken to improve their experience, grow bookings and perform better than competitors. All the patient conversation data and relevant insights can further be downloaded in an excel for further analysis.

Integrate with any HIS/LIS and Third Party Application

Our Voiceoc AI engine can be integrated with any HIS/LIS and any third party applications such as payment gateway, SMS gateway, CRM, Google APIs etc. in the most secured manner.

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